User Experience Design

Designing for User Experience: Love Letters From the Studio

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Brio’s junior designer Clarissa fills us in on the value of User Experience Design. It’s no longer enough to start a Wix site, throw your company’s logo up, and call it a day. Simply having a web presence is no longer as important as user experience, and that’s where UX …

Creativity versus Your Smartphone Addiction

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I recently read this post by Ogilvy’s David Long, espousing the creative benefits of using a pen and notebook over purely digital means. Call me an old fuddy duddy, but I’ve always felt my best work comes from putting pen to paper. Reading David’s first point (“digital is distracting”) I …

Responsive Brands

Responsive Brands

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The impact on culture and communication with the advent of digital spaces is undeniable. Not only do we now consume material in multiple ways, we now have the autonomy to choose when and why. With these choices comes the hard task of communicating brands in an effective way knowing that …

Is your content accessible?

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Our new friends at have just launched their new website (yay!) and specialise in turning your pdf’s into accessible documents that can be read by screen readers for the visually impaired. Many government agencies, institutions and universities are making accessibility a priority after leading universities in America were sued …