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Dying art

There are currently twelve master penmen in the entire world. Jake Weidmann is the youngest. He became the youngest person to receive his Master Penman certificate in July 2011. He works across several mediums including drawing in pencil and charcoal; pen and ink; painting in acrylic, airbrush,...

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Tim Berners-Lee: A Magna Carta for the Web – TED TALK

In this enlightening TED talk, Mr. Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, talks about how far we have gone since the Web was first invented and released to the world in the late eighties. http://youtu.be/rCplocVemjo?list=UUAuUUnT6oDeKwE6v1NGQxug Since its launch in 1989, 40% of the world is...

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TED Talk – Drew Curtis: How I beat a patent troll

http://youtu.be/E_lb3D7Ay-M In 1993, while a student in England, Drew Curtis began sending links to his friends. Over time that grew until he founded a website for the links: Fark.com. The site has now grown into one of the largest, and most irreverant, news aggregators on the...

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SOPA: Clay Shirky’s P.O.V

http://youtu.be/9h2dF-IsH0I With SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) on the tip of everyone's tongue, Clay Shirky offers a unique point of view on this movement that has the potential to change how we interact, create and view the web. What are your thoughts on SOPA? Is it necessary? Yours, Belinda.  ...

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