David Ogilvy

The 10 Best David Ogilvy Quotes According to Brio

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David Ogilvy was a pretty smart dude. Often called the father of advertising, he’s responsible for some of the most successful advertising campaigns of all time – success he attributes to his meticulous research into consumer habits. His philosophies on creativity and brand identity are legend, and many believe he …

Fix Your Website’s Copy (Seriously. Do it Now.)

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As a copywriter, nothing crushes my spirit more than scrolling through the website of a brand purporting to be a Big, Proper Company that’s full of ugly misspellings, errant comas, and awkward dangling modifiers. I fully understand not everyone cares as much as me, but some do. Poorly written copy …

Amazing Local Talent at the Brisbane Writers Festival

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Image: Betty Churcher’s Notebooks It’s Brisbane Writers Festival time again and Brisbane is in for a real treat when local born and one of Australia’s best loved art critics, Betty Churcher showcases her most beloved works, including masterpieces by Rembrandt, Goya, Velzquez, Courbet and Cezanne, with her own amazing illustrations …