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You need a Copywriter

You need a Copywriter

Seeking followers on social media? Preparing an advertisement? Drafting content for your website? You should consider the services of a copywriter.

Copywriting might be a relatively foreign concept to some, unless you’re Don Draper, or have a history of working with creative agencies. None the less, copywriting is an essential part of every marketing strategy. In fact, copywriting often starts before the words on the page, and often provides direction for designers, incorporating your brand story, SEO and persuasive undertones.

If you want your marketing to be relevant, captivating and persuasive, you need a copywriter.

As these brilliant copy-less ads show, sometimes copy is unnecessary. Even those ads had to go through an art direction process though, where the designers and copywriters identified, they were more compelling sans-copy.

So why is copywriting important to your business, you ask?

Copywriting isn’t just writing
Anyone can write content, right? Just like anyone can design a logo. Uploading a video clip on YouTube doesn’t make you a director. The copy for your promotional needs to be attention worthy, distilling your company’s product and services into benefits your clients will care about.

Content comes before design
Granted that your promotional material should be visually compelling and graphically appealing. However before a good design can be delivered, it needs to be preceded by a sound strategy, research and relevant content. A good copywriter will study your business and will quickly identify what offerings your company excels in, and which of those your customers will connect with.

Consistent tone of voice matters
Brand personality, tone of voice and language should be recognisable and consistent across channels and mediums.  Customers like a feeling of safety and familiarity about a brand and it’s products when they know what to expect. If your brand’s tone of voice differs vastly from your website to social media and print ads, customer loyalty is probably taking a hit, as they run away from your brand confused and into the arms of your more stable competitor.

SEO matters more than ever
Writing content for online media needs to involve more than persuasive copy. The most effective copy would still fall short if it’s written without considering the most relevant keywords and search terms.

The right person for the job
All too often we hear about interns, juniors and admin staff writing copy for ads. Consider that by doing this you’re allowing untrained team members to build your brand, entice customers and influence tangible consumer experiences. It’s true that anyone can have a creatively brilliant idea, but it would be wise to let a copywriter help you maximise the opportunities from your ideas.

Tell your story with clarity and action
Take control of your branded messages and talk to Brio about our copywriting services. From blogs and online content to print, radio and TV advertising, our copywriter can help maximise your next opportunity.

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