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Design your own shoes with Shoes of Prey

Design your own shoes with Shoes of Prey

When I signed up for a Small Budget Web Success Seminar with Interactive Minds I saw one of the speakers was Mike Knapp from Shoes of Prey. I thought ‘what a great name’ and got on the old google machine to find out who they were.

What I discovered literally made my jaw drop (it actually slackened and filled up with drool) – here was a site where you could completely design your own pair of beautiful shoes (that are in line with this season’s trends) and have them delivered to your doorstep. You can choose the height of your heel (or go for a pair of super comfy flats), add embellishments like bows, buckles and flowers and even choose ankle boots and gladiators. I was so excited I ran into the other office and blurted out a few words…site. design. shoes. awesome. that’s about all I could manage! I LOVE the idea of designing my own show – yeah they’re expensive but I can get exactly what I want and make a shoe that wouldn’t even exist in the retail space.

Anyway what I learned from the seminar was how Shoes of Prey managed to gain a bit of publicity through blogger Blair Fowler aka¬†JuicyStar07 who made this videoblog (or videolog – I think that’s what the kids are calling them these days) which gave Shoes of Prey a boost of 670,000 hits. Pretty impressive that a 16 year old can have that much influence! Well I hope that was educational!

Yours in delicious shoes,

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