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Tag your TV and get free Pepsi!

Tag your TV and get free Pepsi!

We’ve all heard of QR codes and how popular they are becoming in marketing campaigns, but how about a campaign where you interact with your TV?

That’s right, TV advertising has finally come full circle thanks to IntoNow, who have developed a new iPhone App which allows you to “tag” your TV. The promotion has been launched in conjunction with Pepsi, where they are giving TV viewers the opportunity to tag the commercial using their iPhone which then automatically downloads a voucher to their smartphone for a free Pepsi. There are 50,000 free vouchers being given away to the first users who tag the correct spot in the commercial.

The technology is somewhat similar to that of the hugely popular iPhone app Shazam which identifies music by “listening” to it. IntoNow listens to and identifies programs and advertisements on television.

The images of the interface that I’ve seen are really exciting. You are able to instantly review what you’ve tagged plus, you can see all the other users who are tagging the same program or item within a commercial. It’s a totally interactive experience!

The possibilities for this type of technology are exciting, imagine being at the cinema watching the latest blockbuster, tagging the movie and then purchasing merchandise direct from your phone?

The technology is only available in the US at the current time, but I’m really looking forward to seeing this technology on Australian shores.

What do you think of this type of technology?

Yours in very cool technology,


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