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Facial recognition switched on by Facebook

Facial recognition switched on by Facebook

If you’ve noticed yourself being Facebook tagged in more photos by your friends in the last 48 hours, it’s due to facial recognition options being rolled out across Australian Facebook accounts in the last 48 hours. The settings that have changed affect all users and their privacy options, meaning that it is up to Facebook users to “turn off” the option of being automatically recognised in photos shared across the social media site.

Whispers of the new “Tag Suggestions” have been floating around the web since December last year. Mashable has a great story about the new feature which can be read here.

The idea behind the new Tag Suggestions is to make it easier to tag friends and family in photos that are uploaded onto the social networking site. It is in a way, similar to recognition used in programs like iPhoto, in that, the system will “look” at who is in the photo and then make suggestions of who they might be and present the user with a number of options for quicker tagging.

It will be interesting to see how users respond to this kind of default setting being applied to their Facebook accounts.

What do you think of Facebook’s facial recognition?

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