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All the buildings in New York City

All the buildings in New York City

I [heart] NY. No really I do. I’m ridiculously addicted to the city. I love that the city holds everything that you need (well, if you’re partial to urban living & non-stop activity – of which I am). Once in NYC, you don’t really need to leave. Why would you? 24-hour choice is at your finger tips.

Do you want Thai that comes in cute little white boxes and matching chop sticks at 3pm? No worries, they’ll even deliver it.  Do you want to escape the cement for an hour and revel in the biggest man made park in the world? Head to Central Park, you’ll feel like you’re walking through scenes from your favourite New York-set movies. Do you want city pockets that ooze the flavours, scent, and people of a foreign city? Head to China Town and you’ll second guess if you stepped into Hong Kong for a second.

So, as someone totally impassioned with the city that never sleeps, I was very excited when I stumbled across this Australian-born illustrator’s blog: All the Buildings in New York.

James Gulliver Hancock, based in Brooklyn, has an inspired goal: to draw all the buildings in New York. I love his simple sketches that are stamped with that natural, NYC cool flavour. They’re bold. They’re honest. And they’re eclectic. I’ll definitely stay tuned for my visual adventure back to the city that owns part of my travel heart!

Here are some of my favourites by Hancock.

What’s your favourite NYC memory (real or in the movies)?

Yours in illustration,


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