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TED TALK: Looking Past Limits!

TED TALK: Looking Past Limits!

“When you REALLY believe in yourself it’s amazing what can happen.” – Carline Casey

Caroline Casey’s parents didn’t tell her she was legally blind until she was 17 years old. She suffers from a genetic condition called ocular albinism which is characterised by severely impaired sharpness of vision, essentially like having Vaseline smeared over your eyes.

In this inspiring TED Talk, Caroline reveals her career history in a range of jobs leading up to her role as a global management consultant for Accenture – all without her boss’ knowledge that she was blind. That is until she hit a hurdle and had to ask for help.

A message for us all from Caroline’s heartfelt story is that to believe is to put no limitation on ability or potential. This ethos has guided her to setting up a foundation to address the global social landscape for people with disabilities.


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