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Peter Buckley’s helpful public speaking tip for relaxing nerves

Peter Buckley’s helpful public speaking tip for relaxing nerves

Peter Buckley, Brio Daily's Guest Blogger

Hi Brio World and thanks Belinda Vesey-Brown (Brio Group MD) for the invite to be your first guest blogger on your daily blog.

As a Corporate Communicator Coach and Presentation Skills Trainer I am regularly asked, and it happened again just the other day, what is the most common thing people get wrong or make difficult for themselves when they have to stand up in front of a group and speak.

When we come under that sort of “Focus Under Fire” moment we tend to forget to breathe. I know it sounds weird, because we breathe all day and night without really having to think about it but, with the rush of adrenalin into your system, your heart rate rapidly rises and breathing tends to become snatched, leading to oxygen deprivation pretty quickly.

You’ve seen elite sprinters at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games taking in deep breaths to calm their nerves, oxygenate their body and release tension. Footballers who are going to play for a couple of hours do exactly the same thing just before the opening whistle for all same the reasons.

That’s why remembering to breath steadily, calmly and in a controlled way will help you to create a great first impression when you stand up to speak. It will slow down the nerves, make you feel more comfortable and in control.

Next time you’ve got to face an audience, remember to take a a few deep breaths. Let us know how you go!

Yours in public speaking,

Peter Buckley – Guest Blogger

Peter Buckley is a top line communicator and has spent 24 years “on-air”, 12 of which were spent at B105. He is now a Speaker, MC, Facilitator, Presentation Skills & Media Skills Coach and Trainer and Voice Artist. www.peterbuckley.com.au

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