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Google’s the Buzz word!

Google’s the Buzz word!


Surely it’s not just me that has noticed that Google has been in, around, on top of and responsible for everything at the moment. Almost every news story, blog post, email that I read mentions Google. Some of the innovations that Google have bombarded us with recently include the Google phone, Google Wave, the updated Google search interface, Google live search results and now Google Buzz.


Google Buzz has been compared to Facebook as a social networking facility. How smart is Google, you don’t even need to sign up if you are already one of the 100 or so million people that have a Google gmail account. You just ‘follow’ people already in your gmail address book. How easy is that?

The same as Facebook, Google Buzz lets you upload photos, comment on yours and other’s items, include feeds from Flickr, Twitter etc. So my question is, “Will people leave Facebook to use Google Buzz?” I don’t really know to tell the truth, but for my money if I can do everything that I can do in Facebook inside a tool that I already use and don’t need to login to another site then Google Buzz wins. Apart from Google Buzz and Google Gmail, I already have my iGoogle page, Google maps, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Groups, Google Docs, Google webmaster tools and I’m sure there’s Google something else!

I have to draw the line somewhere though, and that is with hardware. Apple is my choice of weapon in this department. For me it’s a very clear line, software developers like Google need to develop software and hardware developers like Apple need to develop hardware. And they are brilliant at it. There is the exception however, but only in Apple’s favour, with iWork and a couple other Apple software products. But the alternative of security flawed and hard to use software produced by Bill Gates’ company is just not an option! I just have to throw in another Google here!

Hopefully I have said the word Google enough to create some of my own Buzz! Check it out though: http://www.google.com/buzz

p.s. Google comes from the word ‘googol’ which is a one followed by 100 zeros such as:


p.p.s. If you take a number, any number, double it, then add 10, halve it, minus the number you originally started with you will be left with the number 5 – EVERY TIME!

Yours in design


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