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Amazing Digital Landscapes

Amazing Digital Landscapes

The creation of Amazing Digital Landscapes appears to be all around us in everything from TV advertising to movies and games. It seems that an increasing number of all entertainment mediums are embracing the creation of digital landscapes.

In fact, so real have these landscapes become, we are inclined to forget the artistic value and history that is being created around us as we are immersed within more digital worlds on a daily basis.

When thinking about memorable digital landscapes, one of the most prominent and recently created examples would have to be that of the world of Avatar. With such amazing effects and beautiful surroundings, it makes me almost want to visit!

Who could forget the epic battles of Star Wars? The most recent instalment of the Xbox 360 console game, Star Wars 2 The Force Unleashed, is an amazing example of the capabilities of our generation and time to create and evolve this amazing form of digital artistry across multiple platforms.

A quick search online for digital landscapes results in thousands of beautifully created universes with a multitude of themes and colours waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

What’s the most amazing digital landscape you’ve come across recently?

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