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Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box

As we all know in branding and in life, first impressions count. Of course we all ask the question… “How we can do this?” Then in business you also have a lot of competition and it’s important to not only make a good first impression, but to also stand out from the crowd. While browsing the web I came across some inspired business card designs that I think hit the mark and leave a lasting impression. These guys have thought outside the box and gone that extra step, to create some outstanding concepts that I had to share.

So here goes, my top ‘thinking outside the box’ inspired business cards.


cargo box business card

Tam Cargo: A quirky play on a card that turns into a box. After all the cargo they transfer predominately goes in a box.


Stretch Business Card

Poul Nielsen: Again, another quirky card that has you working out, to see that this card is from a personal trainer. He’s got you working before you even book a session.


DJ Business Card

DJ Mohit: An entertaining card you have fun with, by rotating the record, to read the info. A fun way of giving a client the thrill of being a DJ on paper, while demonstrating simply what the person does.


Money Business Card

Ricky Richards: A UK Graphic Designer developed business cards that looked like £20 and left them lying on the streets, with a fun message on the fact that he was sorry it wasn’t £20, but if you hired him you may find some extra cash in your pockets. I love this concept of grabbing the attention of an unintended audience and having people you would probably never meet, pick up a card and become a potential client.


Grow Business Card

Another Bloomin’ Designer: Jamie Wieck treats its recipient to an extra feature you do not expect from business cards…life! Simply soak the bottom of the card, wait four days and you get cool green! The card works as a miniature house-plant, growing alfalfa or cress when dipped in water.


Bike Business Card

Broke Bike Alley: One way to grab peoples attention is to give them something for free. This card has been designed as a multifaceted tuning tool, and wouldn’t you be more likely to call up for any serious damage from these guys, if you had their card.


I think the lesson here is sometimes, trying to create something outside the box, instead of the plain 55mm x 90mm card can be more fun, show innovation and get you more attention. Maybe next time you’re thinking of getting a business card or promotional item done, it’s time to think how you can get noticed or in honour of shameless advertising you can meet up with our team here at Brio Group, to help with some inspired ideas.

Yours in thinking outside the box

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