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Promo Party

Promo Party

Last weekend I found myself happily involved in mini marketing stint in which I unknowingly promoted a brand I don’t even particularly like.

Here’s the recipe for setting up your own small scale marketing exploit. These instructions relate to a Jim Beam promotion, but you can replace the ingredients to suit your preferred brand.

Step One: Utilise social media (ideally facebook) to invite everyone you know (and don’t know) to a free event on the Island party boat.

Step Two: Add a seemingly innocent colour theme to the party, for this occasion we’ve chosen a “White Party.” Remind your guests of the rule “No white clothes, no entry”.

Step Three: Set up the decorations. This may involve coloured balloons, Jim Beam branded banners and Jim Beam posters (or whichever brand you wish to promote). This way your guests will be subjected to the brand and will subconsciously connect the great time they are having with the brand Jim Beam.

Step Four: Upon entry to the party, distribute the entry passes, in the form of a piece of paper printed with the Jim Beam logo, attached to a red Jim Beam lanyard.

Step Five: To ensure your guests are enjoying themselves during the evening, distribute red glow sticks.

Step Six: Make sure your guests have access to very reasonably priced alcohol. Doesn’t have to be Jim Beam, just as long as it’s cheap.

Step Seven: Allow approximately 2 hours of boat travel, mixed with brand saturation and drinking – this will encourage your guests to continue their celebrations well into the evening. Wait until the boat has docked and voila! 200 of your own little promo kids running wild in the city!


Yours in Design,

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