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Limited edition Diet Coke rebrand

Limited edition Diet Coke rebrand

Diet Coke, currently the N0. 3 soft drink in the world (according to The Coca-Cola Company) have introduced a limited-edition design to celebrate Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary.


The design was created by Turner Duckworth, who have produced some simple and clever designs for many of Coca-Cola’s products over the last few years (see below).

What I admire is the simplicity and boldness of just cropping in on the Diet Coke logo.

“There’s no visual fizz, no gratuitous waves, no fake swear drops, just a big-ass Diet Coke logo”, as Brand New blog put it. It’s simplicity at it’s best and is a great way of showing that a brand/product doesn’t always need all the bells and whistles to be eye-catching and inspiring. I do think the only minor downside is the placement of a smaller version of the logo three times, perhaps it’s a couple too many, for such a recognisable brand all over the world.

Whether it was intentional or not, I also like how the cropped form of the logo almost creates the word ‘ok’ when two cans are placed together. It creates a quirky and playfulness to the design, which I think is a core theme for the Coca-Cola and Diet Coke brands. It shows a bit of personality.




The following are some more of the designs developed by Turner Duckworth. I really love the bottom five cans designed for the USA Summer 2009 campaign to coincide with Independence Day. They’re fun, quirky and make me smile.

all thing about packaging design cocacola summer 2009 can 2



So what do you think of the limited-edition Diet Coke rebrand?

Yours in rebranding


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