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How to set achievable goals!

How to set achievable goals!

Goal setting has been described as ‘the inner technology of success’. Establishing this list of achievable goals is to follow some basic principles so that the chance of any unrealistic goals are diminished in this process. Firstly you need to ask yourself – Is it achievable? Is it inspiring? Is it Measurable? Is it shared with others?

Goals are dreams with deadlines!

Katrina’s basic principles

1) Make sure your goals are realistic.
Goals that are high risk or that have little chance of completing leads to surrendering and then frustration…

2) Keep your goals simple.
Clear vision is the best recipe, complex tasks that aren’t clear and specific generally can’t be measured correctly…

3) The reason why you set the goal.
Why do you believe that this goal is important to the organisation? If it doesn’t measure to your expectations remove it from your list!

4) Make your goals timely.
Create a deadline to work towards each goal this will lead to a more proactive approach!

5) Publicise your goals!
The best way to achieve your goals is to publicise all your tasks at hand, its difficult to back away and it will lead to a solid commitment to complete.

Lastly… Take the bull by the horns! Be proactive! The feeling of accomplishment is very rewarding for everyone involved.

Yours in design,

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