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Environmental Myth Busted

Environmental Myth Busted

So here we are thinking we’re being environmentally friendly by uploading files to websites to be read online or burning them to CDs rather than printing them.

A study conducted and published in Finsbury Green’s publication: Green Paper Guide, demonstrates that less CO2 is generated by the conventional method of printing. The study used the example of a 700-page report: The Stern Review.

If a book is printed it will only omit CO2 once. Reading a book online was a hard one to measure accurately as the viewer may revisit the document several times and may even print sections to read a hard copy so this one was only calculated per online visit. In addition to generating the most amount of carbon, CDs and DVDs are also non-recyclable so just added to landfill.

Isn’t this study a surprising outcome?!

Yours in Design,
Amber van Sloten

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