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Brand damage

Brand damage

If you decide to sponsor an event, wouldn’t it be a smart idea to research, ask and understand exactly what you are signing your business name up for?

Obviously Kraft didn’t feel it was very important to ask what was going on at an ‘Australian’ themed circus in Texas, as to be linked with Australia might be enough of a tick in a box. Unfortunately it could have been their worst mistake yet.

As if Kraft hadn’t had enough bad publicity after the announcement of their product ‘iSnack 2.0’ which wasn’t to be a popular name.

Now they’ve definitely done some great brand damage sponsoring an event that actually dresses Australia’s national icon the kangaroo in boxing gloves and shorts, and proceeds to punch the restrained animal in front of a live American audience.

I would find it hard to believe that fellow humans find this behaviour normal and aren’t as horrified as I was to hear of this news.

Yes our Australian ancestors boxed kangaroos during the war but it’s now 2010, animal cruelty is frowned upon! I would like to think the human race has evolved since then.

I feel this American bought company, Kraft, has truely lost touch of the Australian market.

Who knows their next move for damage control…?

Yours in Design,

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