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One card to rule them all

One card to rule them all

About a year ago we got very excited about Coin, a single digital card that could replace debit, credit and gift cards. Every male Brio team member got all wide eyed and fidgety about the potential for only having one secure card in their wallet. Here’s a video about it so you too can get excited.


It seems we weren’t the only ones buzzed about the prospect of one card controlling access to our funds. In November 2013 (yes it’s been a while), Coin’s preorder goal of $50,000 was exceeded in 40 minutes. Unfortunately it’s been in testing phases for so long, some people have probably forgotten they preordered, or, disengaged with the brand to find something a little more tangible.

Anyway, the time has come and Coin is finally shipping. If they were a little quicker they’d have happier backers and a stronger market position. A range of companies are now fighting to be heard in the same space, including Apple with their Apple Pay app and iPhone 6 which is currently available in the States and expected in Australia in late 2015.

What do you think of the Coin concept? Is it something you’d use? We’re still excited about it albeit a little bummed out that none of us preordered and will have to wait until the end of the year until it’s available to order.

Looks like my card filled wallet is going to stay around for a little bit longer.

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