Words Ain’t Words!

Brio Group Business

I posted a recent LinkedIn comment about “time” and how we talk about having no time, when really it is actually all about priorities. A resulting discussion got me thinking about our choice of words.

I hear some people complain all the time about how “busy” they are and to be honest, it’s normally in a whining tone and I instantly turn off! Busy is not a word I use to describe myself, as in “gee I’m so busy”. If people ask me how I am going I might say “it’s all happening!” Or if asked how my day was, I may use the word busy in the context of “busy day today”. But I don’t complain how busy I am. That’s because I think about life this way, you are choosing to either

  1. Productively add value to your life by investing time into an activity of some sort; or
  2. You are chilling/resting/recovering, so not consuming time with an activity of any sort.

People choose the balance they want of each, but the key is – they choose! So I don’t consider myself busy and I certainly have nothing to whinge about – because I choose where to put my time and efforts. I’m not busy – I’m just investing time in a better future!!

Which then reminded me of a very enlightening conversation I had with a fellow business owner in Toronto last year. He was telling me that he has removed the words “but” and “should” totally from his vocabulary. His reasoning is that they are both pre-cursors to an upcoming negative statement. For example, “I really liked that meal, but it would have been better with more sauce”. Or, “That speech you gave was really educational, you should have talked a bit slower though”.

Fascinating and I think he is right, I just haven’t got that far yet.

Any words you have removed from your vocabulary? Or words you think you should!