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What’s your work philosophy?

What’s your work philosophy?

At Brio Group we have the pleasure of being a part of the Hear and Say Centre’s weekly play group sessions where we have the chance to witness so many beautiful families interact.

Last week’s play group was a great chance for me to capture some amazing images for the Hear and Say Centre Annual Report (see the images below) while this week’s play group was super special as it was the launch of Loud Shirt Day.

Loud Shirt Day is a fun one day event on Friday 21 October when you can wear your brightest clothes and raise money to help give the gift of sound and speech to deaf children. Wally Lewis and Romelda Aiken (Firebird Champion) kicked off the festivities and were a great inspiration to us all.

Visiting these play group sessions has really shown me the meaning of ‘industriousness‘ – which is about encouraging ‘focused, hard work’ rather than ‘workaholism’. Really it’s about quality – not quantity.

The small amounts of quality┬áplay time that these children receive each week is imperative to their development and teaches them so many life skills. It’s not about how much play time they have together, but how good that playtime is – their parents, their siblings and the magical people at the Hear and Say Centre work very hard to ensure that every minute counts. Wally Lewis and Romelda Aiken have such busy schedules but take time out for the things that matter – and they’re always there giving 100%.

At Brio Group I always try to make the most of every minute of the day. Time is precious, deadlines are tight and I value my personal life so I always give 100% to make sure I can go home at a reasonable hour and have a little balance in my life.

What’s your work philosophy? Do you work hard (and play hard)? Or would you prefer to take things a little slower? Do you live to work, or work to live? Keen to hear your thoughts!

Yours in industriousness,


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