Virgin Airlines embrace the Jester Archetype and are always poking fun at themselves and others in their industry.

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Brand Archetypes: Who are you and what do you stand for?

If someone were to mention a Hero, Caregiver or Ruler, you instantly envisage a character, a personality and a set of traits that describe that profile. The same works for Brands.

This is the core of how a Brand archetype works; taking an implied knowledge and understanding and associating it to a brand. This instinctive yet unconscious understanding of mental architecture was described by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung as ‘archetypes’.

This approach is far more than creating a logo and a colour scheme. Archetypes define the soul of your brand and enable you to express it in ways that resonates with universal feelings and instincts.

We believe that when archetypal theory is applied to a brand it enables you to separate yourself from your competitors beyond price, product or service, as those can simply be replicated.

A Brand is really about ‘what we and our customers feel and believe’ when they think, touch, see or experience anything related to your business. They are a guiding force for marketers and entrepreneurs, influencing the way you market and advertise your brand for cut through.

We have been helping business of all sizes, both locally and nationally implement Archetypes into their brand, marketing and communications.

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