Two simple ways to measure success in business and life

Belinda Vesey-Brown Business

I have always hated the thought of duplicating the same year over and over again! Have you ever had people apply for jobs with you that say they have 10 years experience, but it is really just the one year duplicated over and over? I didn’t want to be that type of person!

So Mark and I came up with a way that we would measure weekly what we were learning and have just completed our first 12 months of this process and it has been really powerful. So let me share what we did.

For the last 12 months, every week on a monday Mark and I would share with each other our measures for what we call our CV and EF out of 10 (CV= creating value and EF= enjoyment factor) and giving ourselves an overall weekly score, not just from business but from all areas of our life, such as personal learning, taking on new challenges, time with family, health, doing things for the first time and our role in contributing to others in all of these areas. (For those interested we were inspired by Tim Urban’s blog titled 100 blocks a day,

We came up with a rating system as to what a 1 means, what 5 means and what would be a 10 for each measure and then self-scored ourselves and kept a record of the weekly results mapped out for the year that we stuck to the wall in our office.

Looking back on the year, as I concluded one of the best Christmas holidays I have ever been on with a score of 19/20, I reflected over the weekly entries for the year. There have been many many good weeks but also many challenging weeks, but overall I have learned so much and done so much. Thanks Mark for the weekly competition. It was fun.

Two key learnings for me for the year as I reflected were around the role of HOPE, in that there is some hope I have control over and some that I don’t. I can hope that the work I put into a business will pay off, that I have control over, but to hope that a certain person will behave in a certain way, or that something outside of my control will come off as I want, is a waste of headspace and energy. So I have stopped doing that.

My second learning was around JUDGEMENT. I do find myself judging myself and others, I just can’t help it, but does it serve me?  That is the question I pondered for quite a while. I think overall I have become more conscious to when I am judging others (which is daily!). I catch myself and then try and see things also from their perspective. I think Judgement does serve a purpose in my life it helps me overcome confirmation bias (having a particular view on the world that may not be right) and to have more empathy for others.