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Twitter for Dogs – Puppy Tweets

Twitter for Dogs – Puppy Tweets

Want to know what your pup is up to when you are at work? The world of technology is taking on a futuristic and furry new face. That’s right Twitter for dogs, produced by Mattel, is now available with something called Puppy Tweets.  The new system will allow your dog to send its “thoughts” to Twitter.

So how does this crazy contraption work?  Basically, Puppy Tweets by Mattel is an electronic dog tag with sensor. Attach it to your dog’s collar, stick the WiFi USB sensor into your computer, and then the device will tweet for them, based on your pet’s movements and sounds. This Sydney Morning Herald news clip shows how this social media for dogs works.

What would your dog be saying if it had a Twitter account and enough knowledge to tweet?

Yours in “Dog Twitter”


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