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Top 5 political logos

Top 5 political logos

This year’s election campaigns have concentrated on the political parties branding themselves to the public. While their brands have focussed on their brand language (eg. “Moving Forward”) it seems they have paid less attention to other elements of their brand, for example, their logos. The Australian Liberal and Labour party logos have regularly been in the public eye, where the media have covered events and ad campaigns. It got me thinking, could they do better? And looking at other political logos, I think the answer is YES. The following is a list of my top 5 favourite political logos (that maybe Julia and Tony could take some inspiration from).

#1. Obama 08

This logo is an obvious choice. The whole campaign was very well executed. The logo itself incorporates the “O” of “Obama”; the blue and red from the flag; the plains/American farmland (represented by the red stripes); and the sunrise which works as a symbol of hope and change.

#2. The Swedish Pirate Party

I love this logo for it’s slick simplicity. It cleverly represents the Swedish Pirate Party’s platform of reforming the patent and copyright system.

#3. National Urban League

This logo has a clear message about equality and inclusiveness shown simply by the round shape, encapsulating the ‘equal’ sign. The black thick lines add the feeling of strength with no complications.

#4. Kim Coco

While this logo for Hawaiian candidate, Kim Coco, looks a little like a fashion logo, it has nice messaging and aesthetics. The designers wanted to portray Kim as a multi-dimensional person who stands for a progressive agenda and who is intelligent; stylish but not frivolous; caring and passionate.

#5. Liberal Democrats

The typeface is strong and the imagery shows hope and progression, and works with their strong environmental values.

Have you seen any other good ones?

Yours in design,

Belinda Vesey-Brown About the author
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