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To goo, or not to goo? That’s Cadbury’s eternal question

To goo, or not to goo? That’s Cadbury’s eternal question

Everyone knows them, almost everyone has their own way of eating them, and this year 1,621,728 people “like” them.

Yes, the Cadbury Crème Egg has smashed, crashed, splatted, blended, mouse-trapped and sliced its way onto our TVs and social media sites once again. This time in their limited season “How Do You Goo” Campaign, with an added bonus, GOO DARES WINS!

Now I’m not loyal to many brands and chocolate is certainly no exception, but these little guys with their own personalities and quirks have me coming back for more every year – even to the point where I think I should “stock up” because its going to be a long hard year (or roughly 8 months) before I see them again. Talk about brand loyalty!

However, I’m beginning to believe my loyalty has more to do with the creative campaign that supports the brand as opposed to the actual chocolate or fondant used. My theory proved correct this weekend as I found a competitor’s crème egg on the shelf at my local supermarket, placed right beside my favourite Cadbury’s Crème Egg.

What was I to do – was I to goo, or not to goo?

In the end my partner convinced me to try the competitor’s egg, so I forlornly left my Crème Egg on the shelf and continued shopping. But as we walked the aisles I looked down at that little egg and felt like a traitor – I was forsaking a crème egg’s dream – being split in half with the fondant methodically licked out the center from one side, while the other was eaten whole for full sweetness effect.

So, in ode to the Cadbury Crème Egg I left behind on the supermarket shelf I dedicate this blog (+ video) and encourage people to go forth and Goo because you only have until April 24th.



Yours In Goo Camaraderie,


For more Creme Egg Goo-dness visit the official website.

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