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Tim Leberecht talks Brand Stories

Tim Leberecht talks Brand Stories

Tim gives a great insight with this TED talk about how your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room. He says “Hyperconnectivity allows companies to be in that room now, 24/7. They can listen and even join the conversation.”

In this talk Tim presents three rules that brands can use to change how their customers / consumers feel about them which then affects what they say about them.

These 10 examples that Tim outlines in this talk are all using his three rules and are doing something totally unexpected. We were only talking today now we love to work with brands who are willing to let us shape a creative idea and then being willing to try something different. It gives them greater cut through than being safe ever will. Here are some brands that have done just that.

1. Patagonia asks consumers not to buy their products.

2. Interflora sends bouquets to customers having a bad day.

3. Semco lets employees set their own hours and salary!

4. Radiohead lets fans set their price for their album.

5. Anthon Berg sells chocolates for good deeds.

6. Netflix offers employees unlimited holidays.

7. Microsoft supports hacking.

8. KLM makes happiness strike again.

9. Frog encourages employee speed-meeting.

10. American Express turns travel into a game.

Yours in being different.


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