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The Seed Story

The Seed Story

I love TV. Having spent most of my uni nights working late, it is a luxury I haven’t been able to indulge in for some years. In some ways, I have resorted back to the impressionable viewer who absentmindedly hums jingles while cooking dinner. When my flat mate asked me for the 10th time to stop quoting RACQ (wouldn’t be without them, would you?), I realised just how clever some advertisements can be.

And then I saw the pinnacle of subliminal advertising. I was both quivering with excitement at my discovery and amazed at the slyness of this particular company. During an ad break for So You Think You Can Dance (cue theme song), a ‘doctor’ addresses the viewers regarding his concerns for children’s arteries. Butter is a huge carrier of unnecessary trans fats and aren’t we concerned about this too? (cue: parents guilt) Solution? The young man recommends an alternative, like a margarine, that is high in natural seeds.

And then comes the great part.

Three ads later (and count them, it never changes) we see young children playing in a meadow with their happy (not guilt ridden) mum, because she feeds them an alternative to butter that is ‘healthier’ – one high in natural seeds. Happy children, happy mum: MeadowLea.

And if you aren’t paying attention, you might be thinking that someone, somewhere told you that butter was bad for you. And you find yourself reaching along the supermarket shelf to try an alternative. Ah MeadlowLea, I’ve heard that’s good for me…

Yours in design,


(watch the MeadowLea ad here: http://www.meadowlea.com/)

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