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The future of Nokia in Microsoft’s hands..

The future of Nokia in Microsoft’s hands..

Remember when everybody had Nokia’s? Times have changed and the future of Nokia is dependent on convincing customers to switch from Google’s Android and Apple iPhones to Microsoft. Last year, Nokia posted a global net loss of $1.5 billion as it failed to enter the smartphone market.

Last month Martin Place in Sydney a very interesting interactive advertisement for their phone – Lumia. The ad was integrated with touchscreen capabilities that allowed the user to use it like you would a mobile phone. You work through the advertisement like you would a phone (only a thousand times the size). The campaign seemed to give a new feel to the brand. The initial launch for the campaign was late March in five locations. The weeks after the campaign launched it was said to grow, using outdoor, TV and digital, with each sector grabbing about 30% of the marketing budget.

Check out the campaign below and see what you think but I guess the question is – Can their be three mobile phone operating systems in the market?

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