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The art of automobile design

The art of automobile design


The Design Institute of Australia is proud to announce their endorsement of the 2013 Fiat Nationals. The event hosted by the Queensland FIAT car club – a Non for profit organisation, providing the opportunity to come and enjoy an extensive collection of beautifully design cars – racing or not.

The FIAT nationals will be held on the weekend of the 18-20th of January 2013, drawing Fiat Car Club members, automotive design enthusiasts, and racing devotees from the Asia Pacific to gather in Ipswich, Queensland. The weekend encompasses a variety of competitive and social events that will include a timed sprint at Queensland Raceway, Autokhana, a Show’n’Shine, participation of by other car clubs such as Alfa Romeo, as well as  a Presentation Dinner. In 2013 the fiat nationals incorporates the 50th running of the Fiat of Italy Cup, the cup which came from Italy & the European racing of the 20′s.

The level of design in the Fiats leads you to want to know more about its design goodness, and FIAT design is good – real good. The FIAT group has for 100 years (since 1899) been one of the most passionate / design / art led automobile companies of them all.

Through iconic automotive designers like Pininfarina & Bertone we were brought many notable car designs for companies such as Ferrari, Maserati, fiat, Alfa Romeo and others. FIAT in particular, allowed the car designers the freedom to design on a blank canvas which is unmatched in the world. Because of the dedication to design the flow-on effect was that Pininfarina & Bertone would play a huge role in inspiring many generations to pursue automotive design as a profession.

Jared Fossey, DIA board member is one of those professionals. ‘A love of looking and drawing cars throughout my childhood is what made me become the industrial designer I am today”. Great automotive design is often something that you only appreciate as you compare it with not-so-great design. Car designs are such a crucial part of society.  They underpin (in a lot of cases) the natural resources we user, the urban & suburban places we live at, the different things we purchase and courier, let alone setting a mood or making us feel a certain way.

Currently the car design industry is going through a huge transformation of ethics and changes in leadership. Whether they are designing a new electric model or one which overall consumes less, automotive designers are charged worldwide with improvements through all components of a car said Fossey. Social expectations are largely what inspire automotive designers to generate better designs for the future and FIAT cars are an example of a social response dubbed as the original city car and the Italians people car.

The level of design in FIATS generally exceeds Interior & exterior & performance expectations. At the centre point of the 2013 Nationals and alongside the cars themselves, a vast collection of automotive design, graphics design & memorabilia will be on display at the DIA lounge. The DIA lounge will welcome people and children to experience first hand what industrial car design could be like as a profession with activities and enthusiasts to share their passion for FIATS.

When you discover good automotive design of FIATS you wish you could shake the hand of the designer. To attend the 2013 FIAT nationals and see some seriously good specimens of automotive design register at www.fiataustralia.com and see you at the DIA lounge.

Yours in automobile design,

Marina Kozul

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