Creativity versus Your Smartphone Addiction

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I recently read this post by Ogilvy’s David Long, espousing the creative benefits of using a pen and notebook over purely digital means. Call me an old fuddy duddy, but I’ve always felt my best work comes from putting pen to paper. Reading David’s first point (“digital is distracting”) I …

Lose your licence and you’re screwed

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Recently I was researching design ideas on the internet for a project. As you can imagine seeing some awesome ideas from someone else can spark off an inspiration in you, which translates into an awesome concept for the project you work on. One of the things that is so great …

Branded Fashion – inspiration for the design

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Teaching branded fashion this semester at Billy Blue College of Design has resulted in me uncovering the story and inspiration behind many established and young fashion designers. In particular we discuss the connection behind their design philosophy and how that transfers to their work and builds their brand. One fashion …

Say it on the Cocktail Typer

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The recent agIdeas conference in Melbourne showcased loads of amazing designers from diverse creative backgrounds. One particularly inspirational duo, James Yencken and Leeathon Bellew, patented a little online invention called the ‘Cocktail Typer’. While it’s not an excessively useful tool, it is really awesome. They have set up a board …

When fashion & technology collide: Burberry’s Beijing Show

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I’m not someone who you would say is “top of the fashion pack” but it goes without saying that I’m mildly interested in the “catwalk show experience”. I like them and when I’m invited to attend, I go, but I don’t often go out of my way to track them …

Generating creativity

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I woke up this morning bursting with blog article ideas – weekend outings, upcoming events, social media trends, mind blowing marketing campaigns – but then I got to work, and the words disappeared like water droplets in the desert. I was stuck at a creative roadblock and regardless of the …

Sharing is caring: how social media can transform your business

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A majority of brands understand the importance of communicating their message clearly to their audience, however the most successful brands are also very aware that as social media continues to bring people together – creating a global village – it’s increasing important to engage in clear, open, two-way communication.