Facebook group chat

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At the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a really interesting announcement about upcoming enhancements to Facebook’s chat capabilities. In particular, he’s announced what’s called Group Chat. Facebook Group Chat is a multi-person feature which is inspired by the functionality already inside the Facebook Groups …

Sharing is caring: how social media can transform your business

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A majority of brands understand the importance of communicating their message clearly to their audience, however the most successful brands are also very aware that as social media continues to bring people together – creating a global village – it’s increasing important to engage in clear, open, two-way communication.

How to grow your fanbase on Facebook

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“How do I grow the fanbase so more people are engaged and have exposure to the brand?” Every Marketer asks themselves this question when they’re working to build a brand through social network sites. First, you need to be clear on the rules for promoting a brand through Facebook. From …

14 updates to Facebook Pages & how this will benefit businesses

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Social media for business helps businesses connect with their customers. And now Facebook has announced some exciting new design and functionality changes to Facebook Pages. The changes are intended to improve the customer’s ability to connect with a business. You’ll notice the changes allow a business’s Facebook Page to look …

Social media for business

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Social Media is fast becoming a must-have for every business moving and expanding forward in the online space. Brio Group helps clients with full social media packages and the expertise to maximise social media impact. Businesses are fast learning their presence in social media networks is now an important part …

The Social Network Trailer

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[briotube]http://www.youtube.com/v/lB95KLmpLR4[/briotube] Facebook seems to be everywhere lately. It’s become a daily addiction for most, businesses are jumping on board and working out Facebook marketing,and now Hollywood has made a feature about it. Take a look at the trailer, I’ve got to admit I’m pretty interested in watching it. Are you? …

Facebook apps to supercharge your Facebook Page [video]

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[briotube]http://www.youtube.com/v/nRfAmOAVPFk[/briotube] Have you ever wondered what Facebook apps can truly supercharge your Facebook Business Page? Do you regularly host promotions, competitions, or draws? Or maybe you’d like to discover how you can integrate live chat and a live video stream to your page? Take a look at this video from …