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Stick Family Sticker Craze

Stick Family Sticker Craze

A newspaper story that I stumbled across recently about Stick Family Stickers caught my attention.

They’re appearing everywhere, Stick Family stickers on Car rear-windows and bumpers, Housewares, including Coffee Mugs, Towels and Sheets, Stamps and Stationery, or Apparel.  These are all becoming a great talking point.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, so this is why each set of ‘My Family’ stickers are totally different and consist of a unique combination of stickers to suit the individuals in each family.  This fad, which started in the US five years ago, has become a way for families to express themselves in all their variations and interests such as ballerinas, surfboards, bikes or the family pet. The fad has even been suggested as a way for “smug” families to show off.  A Sticker Family designer said it was not about being smug, but about family pride.

Sightings have also included stickers of single mums with their children as well as a traditional nuclear family with dad ripped off the window, presumably after a break up. Hmmmmmmm….  Could this now become the best way to advertise your status?

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