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Star trails light up the night sky

Star trails light up the night sky

star trail 1


You may think photography is easy, but think again or better yet ask Lincoln Harrison about the hours and adventure spent creating these spectacular photographs. These beautiful swirls of star trails charting the sky are the product of hour after hour of painstaking night-time shooting in freezing conditions, sunset to sunrise. Some shots were taken over a period of up to 15 hours, at the scenic Lake Eppalock, near Bendigo.

Lincoln is relatively new to photography, having only just brought his first camera in 2010 to take photos of clothes for eBay. He wasn’t planning on taking on photography as a hobby, but his passion was ignited and a week later he had around eight lenses and all the goodies. He now focuses on landscape photography of stunning natural settings, as well as his star trails.

The process of taking these beautiful pictures already feels like an intense amount of work, but you then have to throw the post production into the final product and that can take Lincoln up to the same amount of time. To give you a sense of the time and effort that goes into these photographs take for example the above image. This star trail involves 12 hours of shooting every 60 seconds, resulting in the compilation of 720 images in Photoshop to create the trail.

You can check out more of Lincolns work here.

When I look at these amazing pieces of art they feel to me like Vincent van Goghs ‘Starry Night’ brought to life. What do you think of Lincolns photos?


star trail 2

star trail 3

Yours in photography

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