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Social Media in times of need

Social Media in times of need

During the devastation that has been the 2011 floods in Queensland, it is hard to imagine not being able to obtain up to the minute information from social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. We have seen in previous times of stress on the nation where social media really shines, allowing people from across the country and indeed the world to show their support, locate missing loved ones, offer services and food and so much more.

The Queensland floods are no different and social media is definitely providing a constant stream of information for all people in all communities which have been affected.

A quick check on Twitter shows that right now some of the trending topics globally are QLD, Queensland and Brisbane. An outpouring of emotion and generosity has been witnessed via social media, something that is reserved unfortunately for devastating times, but really shows the spirit of the state and the nation. It shows the good intention of human kind and how we all get behind one another in times of need.

I find it amazing and completely inspiring that social media is keeping us all connected through these days and potentially weeks of disruption, grief, heartache and despair and that when the waters recede and the clean up is done, social media will be there for us to reflect upon and rejoice in our ability to survive, rebuild and continue on.

What amazing social media contributions do you remember?

Yours in social media meets humanity,


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