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Sharon Wood’s Emgoddess Empire

Brio Group and Emgoddess

Sharon Wood’s Emgoddess Empire

Brio Group and Emgoddess

In the immortal words of Big Kev, we’re excited. We truly love what we do, and nothing gets us going more than meeting clients whose work we’re really excited about. We’ve been known to scare clients with the scale of our ideas and goals for them, but often our visions of grandeur open up possibilities our clients may never have considered.

One such client is Sharon Wood, the unstoppable force behind the Emgoddess range. The range now includes a book, website, mobile app, aromatherapy line, and workshop). Sharon comes from a holistic wellness background, having worked in aromatherapy, herbalism, fertility, and women’s wellness for many years. When she came to Brio Group, she’d written the first draft of her book, and proudly thrust a large stack of text-filled pages into our arms.

Boss Lady Belinda Vesey-Brown read Sharon’s draft and, as she is wont to do, took the idea and ran with it. It’s the Brio Group way – we’re dreamers, but we get stuff done.

This is solid gold, she thought, but it could be even more.  

The goddesses deserved more screen time, better backstories, deeper personalities.

Knowing what we know about motivations, Archetypes, and the human condition, we workshopped the four goddesses to truly bring them to life. What are their names? What motivates them? How do they feel on a good day? What are they like on a bad day? We imagined exactly what they would look like, and created illustrations of them to further strengthen their identities. In doing so, we transformed the goddesses from words in black ink on a page, to living, thinking, feeling beings.

Brio Group and EmGoddess


Readers could relate to them, see themselves in them, and understand how these personalities exist in harmony with their own. This sort of meaningful, emotional connection is something a brand can hang its hat on, and is what we at Brio Group thrive on. Our goal is to transform a brand into something its customers can relate to in a significant way.

Out of this conceptualisation, the overarching look and feel of Sharon’s book was born. We designed the book and accompanying collateral, and it is just lovely, if we do say so ourselves. It’s available in store now, and we’re as proud as she is whenever we see it in the wild.

EmgoddessBrio Group and EmGoddess

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