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The Art of Scherenschnitte

The Art of Scherenschnitte


Now there’s a mouthfull! I had never heard of this weird and wonderful word until the other day when I stumbled across the works of Cindy Ferguson.

Scherenschnitte (which I can’t even pronounce) is a super fancy word for the art of cutting paper. I thought I was pretty good at making stencils and screen-prints, until I saw some of Cindy’s amazing work. The detail and accuracy that she exhibits in executing her work should be criminal! And her main accomplice – a scalpel.

As complicated as it looks, Scherenschnitte is something that almost everyone, even the creatively challenged, can partake in. All you need is a blade (or scissors) and some paper. If you are blessed with a creative mind, you can draw your own intricate picture and cut it out. And for all you left-brained people, Cindy has generously posted templates on her blog for some of her designs, which you can down-load and print off.

I can’t wait to get stuck in to some of her unique designs, and come up with some more of my own.

Yours in design,


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