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Racing Helmet Design

Racing Helmet Design

As an avid fan of motor racing and a racer myself, I love checking out all the drivers racing helmets in the pit lane. But the best helmet designs come from big racing categories such as V8 Supercars in Australia, and the pinnacle of motor sport, Formula 1. My 3 favourite designs are:

1. Kimi Raikkonen – F1
I love the tattoo effects throughout and the colours used. My helmet plans are to be red, black and silver as well to go with my team colours, and I have been taking inspiration from this design.

2. Craig Lowndes – V8 Supercars
Craig designed his helmet when he was in Europe racing with the help of his then current room mate, and the thought process behind this was to be patriotic and keep the Aussie flag waving over there. So he used the Australian colours of green, blue and gold. These days he also now has a cartoon picture of his children on the back of his helmet.

3. Jenson Button – F1
Jenson’s helmet is one of my favourites of all favourites! Everything just flows nicely and it looks so simple yet has a lot of meaning. Once again the patriot act comes in with a big Union Jack on the rear of the helmet (the English flag), with a big JB on the side. All in the English flag colours and style.

Yours in helmet design,

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