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Office Etiquette

Office Etiquette


I just took off my scarf and flung it over the back of my chair, ate my muesli bar and left the wrapper on my desk (which I promise I will put in the bin), and took a look at my sticky notes all over my computer to remind me of whats next. As you can see, I have amazing office etiquette! (cough)

I thought I would take a 2 second break and take a look at the Brisbane Times Website just to have timeout from typography, bleeds, and crop marks. I then thanked my lucky stars that I did not work at BHP Billiton.

This mining giant (BHP) has just structured and handed out a new office Etiquette to their employees. This memo states:
– Post-it notes are to be removed from your monitors and keyboards at the end of the day;
– Other than workstation identification and first aid or fire warden signage, nothing is to be placed on workstation dividers, walls or doors at any time;
– Additional clothing must be stored in designated storage areas during the workday and not on chairs or at workstations;
– Food must not be eaten at your work station;
– Food that emits strong odours is not allowed at all;
– Mobile phone ring tones kept at low volume and forwarded to voice mail when out of office; and
– No iPod or MP3 players to be used in the office.

So maybe my office etiquette doesn’t match theirs?

Yours in Office Etiquette,

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