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New Facebook Features

New Facebook Features

Today Facebook announced and launched a few new features to enhance its social networking stronghold. The new Facebook features must be significant enough for the Facebook founder and chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, to make the announcements during a news conference at Facebook headquarters in California.

Have you ever wanted to download all of your Facebook photos, videos and posts? Well now you can! The first change is the new function called “Download Your Information”. Facebook will automatically send you a notification email letting you know that it has gathered all of your info in the one spot for you to grab and use at will. I haven’t read into the fine print, but I wonder if there is a copyright clause restricting you from using your own media in commercial applications because Facebook is the owner!!

Do you use quite a few Facebook applications and struggle to find them? Now you can use the new feature of a new dashboard “Apps That You Use“. The dashboard will also give you information on when the application last grabbed your information and also what they actually accessed. I bet you wonder, like me, what information that these Facebook applications are actually gathering from me! You still won’t know what they are doing with the information, but you’ll now be aware of what they are collecting.

The final new feature that Facebook announced is Facebook Groups. Facebook bought out a company called Hot Potato to assist in co-developing the feature. Don’t you go and buy companies to create new components for your business?! The basic concept of Facebook Groups is that you can now segment your friends into groups and select what they see and receive from you. For example you could create a family group, workmates group or friday drinks group and send messages/emails directly to those groups only. It’s kind of like how you can create groups already in Facebook online chat and select which groups can see you online or not.

I am a bit of a sceptic about the privacy of personal details, so make sure you carefully review your privacy settings when adjusting things to use these new features!

Below is an official Facebook video on the new Facebook Groups, enjoy…

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