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Most Challenging Traffic Signs

Most Challenging Traffic Signs

I came across a funny article about illogical, insensate, irrational and unreasonable road signs, written by Doug Lansky, who is a travel writer based in Stockholm. Some signs are difficult to understand or to follow, while others – got a shortage of breath.

We’ve all seen them. Yes, you know, those crazy road signs that make you laugh and then you wonder if you’re supposed to drive off the cliff or just turn around and go home.

Doug Lansky wrote:

“When you visit a new country, you’re not allowed to vote. You can’t cash a personal cheque. Your 
library card isn’t valid. Yet they let you drive. They let you get behind the wheel of a multi-ton vehicle and zip around anywhere you please. Somehow we are expected to navigate the road and pick up the traffic nuances – perhaps even adjust to a steering wheel on the opposite side of the car while driving on the opposite side of the road – before making their first lane change. If that isn’t demanding enough, there are the signs to contend with, like these classics from the Signspotting book series. Photographed an insane traffic sign during your travels or on the way to work?”

Signs are usually there to assist you in life, helping you find your way… Which sign scores your “that’s ridiculous” vote?

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At least you know where you stand... or sit, idling in park for ever. Where: Florida, USA Credit: Richard Gaebler

Try the insane lane Presumably that text is Chinese for 'Go ahead, make a left turn from the right lane... we dare you.' Where: Guangzhou, China Credit: Lynn Ihlenfeldt

You can't say you weren't duly warned. Where: Commerce City, Colorado, USA Credit: John McLaughlin

Good Luck!, looks like we're going to be here for a while. Where: Tokyo, Japan Credit: Heather Cook .

What happens when they let MC Escher design the driver's exam. Where: Leiden-Haarlem Canal, The Netherlands Credit: Donald Haslett (roundabout)

No inverted U-Turns Where: Cottage Grove, Minnesota, USA Credit: Larry Holmen

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