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Microsoft Launches Kinect

Microsoft Launches Kinect

It’s been a long time in the making, but Microsoft have finally launched Kinect.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kinect, it is Microsoft’s brand new controller-less add on for the Xbox 360. Kinect allows the gamer to control not only the menu system of their Xbox 360 simply by moving, but to interact with games in a way that’s never been seen by this console before.

In the initial stages, game types and the number of games available seem to be quite limited, however that hasn’t stopped more than 1 million customers already snapping up a Kinect unit.

The unit completely scans and reacts to full body movement, what’s more, it recognises the Xbox user that is playing! It will scan you and log you directly into your gaming profile, you can also control your Xbox by voice commands that will be recognised and specific actions taken out such as starting playback on a movie and even pausing the movie when needed!

The interactivity of Kinect is amazing. If you’re not familiar with Kinect, check out the video below which shows Kinect during pre-launch (it’s working title was Project Natal). The video demonstrates the capabilities of the system with an interactive “game”.

Will you be trying out Kinect?


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