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May the coins be with you

May the coins be with you



A little entertaining news for the weekend and something to make you smile, or laugh out loud. It sure did make me do both!

The force is obviously with the tiny Pacific Island of Niue, which has announced that they will release a set of 40 special coins, picturing none other then the infamous characters of Star Wars. The coins will picture the likes of Darth Vadar, Luke Skywlker, Yoda and various other characters from the movies on one side and the Queen (of England, not the Empire) on the flipside, of its national currency, the New Zealand dollar.

For Star Wars fans out there that may be wondering, the money is official tender and yes it’s the first time characters from the movies have appeared on actual real-world money. The only down side is the money will only be accepted as payment on the island.

The aim of producing this money is to target Star Wars fans and coin collectors, to help refill Niue’s dwindling public coffers. Especially when the face value of each coin is only NZ$2 (AU$1.60), they’re actually worth a lot more. A set of four contains one ounce of silver, with a going rate of NZ$469 (AU$576). However, not all of the coins will be silver, with some cheaper silver-plated metal options available as well.

Produced by the New Zealand Mint, I guess time will tell how successful and popular these coins be. Will you be buying up for your collection?

* Please note that the image supplied is not an exact replica of the proposed money.

Yours in currency design,

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