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Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

M Savers New Brand

While browsing the web last week I cam across this simple, yet effective design for one of the UK’s largest food retailers Morrisons. It’s proof that sometimes less is more, and is super eye-catching.

These awesome packaging examples are for the retails entry level ‘value’ range and is part of their strategic overhaul of their own-brand offering. The line has been renamed ‘M Savers’ to reflect its consumer benefit and is positioned on the label in charcoal grey, while each product has it’s own hand-crafted product illustration in a range of bright colours.

What I love about this redesign is how simple and stunning it is. Maybe it’s the designer in me, but I for one would stop and take notice of these products. It’s successful for the fact that you get the feeling it is for a ‘own brand’ product, but without the somewhat utilitarian template design we see from other retailers. Only black ink and a single vibrant color are used to decorate the label of each product in the line, but there is nothing boring about the look of these bottles, cans, jars, jugs and bags that might suggest they are inexpensive buys. The new design has a certain charm to it, with it’s handcrafted, quirky and unique look.

The designers of these labels mentioned the fact that they’d like people to raise a little smile when they see these designs. I’m happy to report they made me smile, and ask if you did too?

Yours in simple branding,

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