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Just for the love of it

Just for the love of it

Imagine a world where you can share your skills and tools in a moneyless, stressfree community. Welcome to the world’s fastest growing alternative economy where you can save money, learn new skills and reduce your carbon footprint.

The Freeconomy Community is the brainchild of Mark Boyle who has been living off the grid in the UK for 20 months without money and recommends this stressfree moneyless life to all to save our exploited planet. He is the author of the book The Moneyless Man and regularly writes of his experiences and learnings of his new lifestyle in his Freeconomy Blog.

There are four main ways to use and participate in the Freeconomy Community with freeshare: skillshare, toolshare, spaceshare and the forum where you can post your ideas, advice and experiences, and learn from others.

The Freeconomy Community’s aim is to help reconnect people in their local communities through the simple act of sharing.

Everything is shared for FREE on Freeconomy, no money changes hands. Money has too often become a replacement over communities, friendships and families as the No.1 source of security for people.

The Freeconomy Community does not use advertising and receives no donations or income from their website www.justfortheloveofit.org and it is completely free to join, forever.

The philosoFREE behind the Freeconomy community is based on ‘pay-it-forward’ principles and economics. Someone may share their time, skills, tools or spare spaces with you for free and in return you will help someone else: ‘pay the favour forward’.

Reduce your carbon footprint and join the stressfree community at www.justfortheloveofit.org

Yours in Design,
Amber van Sloten

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