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iSnack 2.0

iSnack 2.0


The result of the Vegemite ‘name me’ competition is out and it is officially and unanimously hated by its Australian customers. Out of the 35,074 suggestions made, apparently ‘iSnack 2.0’ was the best. Dean Robbins, the graphic and web designer who came up with the name, says he was inspired by his love of technology and vegemite. Presumably the addition of cream cheese is a technological break through.

‘iSnack 2.0’ is copping heavy criticism for being un-Australian. So is it an epic screw-up on Kraft’s behalf? Or is it a glorious triumph for the marketing department?

If the chosen name was ‘cheeseymite’ or something equally as mundane, would the announcement have made the news? Would anyone have made comment? I doubt I would have even known that the new product existed.

As they say, any publicity is good publicity. The new name has reinvigorated Australians’ passion for the national icon. Kraft has cleverly united Australian vegemite-lovers by disgust at the defacement of our own vegemite.

Kraft will now change the name to something that the general public can agree on and everyone will be happy, safe in the knowledge that our vegemite is back to normal. The difference is, thanks to the iSnack publicity stunt, we now all know the new product is on the shelf. A seemingly excellent marketing scheme? Well it must have worked, I’m even blogging about it!

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