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Is this a TV Commercial for Tooheys or Christmas?

Is this a TV Commercial for Tooheys or Christmas?

How many times have you watched a TV ad and wondered what it was going to be about?

I was very intrigued by the recent Tooheys Extra Dry – Nocturnal Migration ad. I feel a little silly because it wasn’t until the last scene that I realized it was a Tooheys Extra Dry Beer commercial, and that was only because it said so. I didn’t really get the nocturnal migration of the stag storyline.

When I first saw this commercial, I immediately thought it had to be something about Christmas. I expected to see Santa in a sleigh somewhere, especially in the scene with the moon as the backdrop. After all, Christmas is only ten weeks away.

In the TV commercial, the stags who are representing Tooheys Extra Dry drinkers, gather together and experience a night out. They unite and share the ultimate journey – the nocturnal migration.

A Tooheys beer drinker probably would have immediately recognised the Tooheys trademark stag, and picked up on the fact that they were advertising their favourite beer.

Yours in TV Commercials
Angie Rapisarda

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