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iPhone gadget goodness!

iPhone gadget goodness!

Just when I thought that I’d seen the best of the iPhone gadgets available, I’m forced to think again with the impending release of the Wow-Keys Keyboard.

The keyboard acts not only as a docking station for your iPhone, synching your iTunes and charging your mobile device, but it also allows you to utilise your phone as an input device for your machine. You can use it run programs, type messages, emails and more!

There are a number of benefits to the keyboard, it allows you to utilise your phone as a numeric keypad and enter data from your machine to your phone (for example create notes or type an email).

The keyboard also contains a very handy multimedia selection of buttons for use with any videos or music that you stream from you phone.

The keyboard is provided by CompuExpert and will go on sale on May 24th this year. It’s also compatible with both PC and Mac systems!

Would you use a keyboard like this?

Yours in sweet iPhone gadgets,


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