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How to roll a coke can!

How to roll a coke can!


In its most basic use, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), is the method of separating the presentational mark-up of a website from its content. While the innovation of CSS has allowed web developers to create some astounding work, seemingly simple tasks like having rounded corners is still not supported by the most widely used browser (Internet Explorer). Developers often resort to slicing static images or writing code to work around this issue. While dysfunctional browser support for CSS often leads workers on the web to despair, a very talented dude by the name of Roman Cortes has come up with this amazing example of a rolling coke that is compatible back to internet explorer version 7. It is really nice to see an amazing technique that is even supported by a Microsoft browser (of course ie6, still used by many governmental departments today, cant handle the awesomeness).

To roll the can go to: http://www.romancortes.com/blog/pure-css-coke-can/
If you have internet explorer 6 and can not view the can, maybe you could scrounge around the neighbours trash and find a can in there to roll around instead.

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