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Healthy-Hungry Jack’s?!

Healthy-Hungry Jack’s?!

In a move to gain some brand loyalty with today’s health conscious consumers, Hungry Jacks has released an exciting alternative to fries in your value meal…. vegetable sticks.  Yummy, tasty, vegetable sticks.

Whilst it’s a great substitute to the 400 kilojoules usually consumed in a medium fries – it unfortunately doesn’t counteract the 4000 (!) kilojoules devoured in a bacon and cheese whopper! More than double the allowed daily intake of the average person.

One must wonder – is this really the best move to re-enforce the brand’s image… Indulgent, mouthwatering, 3am cuisine – where the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks!?

I’m not sure about you – but if I’m ready to down a burger consisting of more fat than my lunch weighs – I’m probably not going to ask for ‘vegetables with that’.

Yours in support of brand tradition,
Amber van Sloten

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